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Your mind is a muscle, therefore you can
"train ur brain."

I named this site trainurbrain because the mind is the most misunderstood of all our systems. We have so much potential and our imagination is the creative center for ideas and inventions. Learning how to tap into that potential and direct it to work for you has become a lifelong study for me. 

Hypnosis is not at all what you might expect it to be.
Everyone experiences hypnosis in daily life. It is usually not called by that name. It is a focused attention and a natural state of mind. Among it's many names are:

"daydreaming"             "tuning out"            now the popular term is "being in the zone!"

Whatever name is chosen, it is really "environmental hypnosis" which is a normal part of our inner ability to handle overload of the world around us.

There is the "highway hypnosis" in which you are driving, and do not remember passing a particular place or sign. Yet, you stopped at the red light or the stop sign. Your conscious mind was thinking of other things, yet your subconscious mind took over using autopilot. After you learned to drive, it became a habit or pattern to obey traffic signals and signs, and once a habit is learned, over a period of time becomes the expected response.
So, without having to consciously think "STOP", you automatically stopped!

The conscious mind is estimated to be between 1 to 12% and it handles our logic, reason and willpower. Our subconscious mind is estimated to be between 88 to 99%. Everything we learn, once it becomes a habit or pattern is regulated to the subconscious. It associates and identifies with the past, handles our expectations and our imagination.

Relaxation - Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation.
Motivation - You must want to be Hypnotized.
Imagination - You use your vivid imagination.
Concentration - You use your ability to concentrate.
Expectation - You use your expectation for change.
Suggestion - You hear and respond to suggestions.

Some areas of benefit include:

• Self Confidence
• Goal Setting
• Personal Organization
• Apprehensions
• Situational Stress
• Success/Achievement
• Self Control
• Relationships
• Sports Improvement
• Focus and Study Habits
• Dental and Medical Issues (with referral)

Hypnosis can be a valuable tool with both children and adults for making positive changes and continuous personal growth in their lives.

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